that Thing over there


A challenge to the anthropocentric philosophies forming the foundation of our culture, that Thing over there attempts to form a connection between this arrogance, our sensory interpretation of the natural world and the consequent attitudes formed around global warming.

a forest dark


An anthology of human experience and consciousness within the natural world, a forest dark is grounded on the human fear of death and the positioning of this idea in relation to the religious concept of an afterlife. However, this body of work takes a non spiritual appreciation of our existence in the natural world in order to acknowledge this innately biological partnership and temporal connection. 

those who look


I wanted to question the concept and act of voyeurism in relation to both the photographer and the viewer, focusing on the position the viewer has within this. This is a topic in which the photographer is always seen as taking the role of the voyeur. The human form is featured regularly regarding this subject and I wanted to explore if and how this common understanding of voyeurism, looking into someones private spaces and moments, begins to diminish when the human form is removed. 



This series considers the emotional experience had within the natural landscape that stems from such characteristics as sound and movement, an experience which I believe as unique to that surrounding. The title of my work, Waldeinsamkeit, came from this idea around the emotions constructed from nature. Of German origin it is untranslatable directly into English, essentially equating to the feeling of solitude, being alone in the woods and a connectedness to nature.

Falmouth, United Kingdom

prints available on request